In our modern world, it’s almost impossible to get away from stress and anxiety.
You may be feeling stressed by your relationship, busy work, etc. Or you may be feeling lost in the event of loss of your friends or family.

You can’t easily get rid of the source of your stress and anxiety.However, taking control of your mind helps to reduce your stress and anxiety.Meditation is a great way to train to control your mind and keep calm.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the best ways to meditate and how to get started.

Types of meditation

There are hundreds, if not thousands of types of meditation.There are all kinds of methods and they are all different. But let’s make it simple here and group them in two categories so we can better understand.

Focused attention meditation

Focused attention meditation is a style of meditation during which you focus on a single object. This object can be anything from breathing, a mantra(a word or words), a part of your body or even external object.As you progress, you’ll be able to focus on the object more deeply and steadily and you’ll be able to eliminate distractions in your mind.

Open monitoring meditation

Open monitoring meditation is the opposite of focused attention meditation.Instead of focusing on a single object, be open-minded, monitoring every aspect of your surroundings.Pay attention to everything from internal (feelings, memories, etc) to external(sound, visual, etc) and perceive them as what they are without any judgment.
This allows you to gain insight and sharpens your focus and makes you better control your mind.


Getting ready for meditation

Now that we learned 2 types of meditation, let’s get ready for meditation.
You can choose whichever types of meditation.There’s no universally better or worse types of meditation.It’s simply a preference. Choose what suits you.Maybe try both a little and see which one fits better for you.

Now in this section, we’ll learn how to get ready for meditation.

1.Choose a peaceful environment

Choose a peaceful environment where you can relax and focus.It can be your bedroom, a park, beach or anywhere you feel comfortable.

2.Wear comfortable outfit

Wear comfortable outfit.You’re not going to any physical exercises, but comfortable clothes will help you relax.

3.Decide how long you want to meditate

It is important to know how long you meditate. Start with as few as 5 minutes and as you get more focused, extend the time a little by little.

4.Stretch out

Stretching is important especially if you sit as you meditate.Stretching itself helps you relax as well.

5.Sit in a comfortable position.

You can sit on a chair or a floor.Make sure to make yourself comfortable.

6.Close your eyes

Close your eyes and take a breath to get ready for meditation.


Make meditation your daily routine

Clear and focused mind can’t be acquired overnight.Make sure to meditate on a daily basis.I recommend meditating at the same time every day at least at the beginning.Making a routine is always a good way to try out something new.

For example, meditating before breakfast every day will help you to boost your energy for the day.Find the right time for you and get started!



Types of meditation mentioned in this post aren’t the only types of meditation. For example, meditation can be done not only sitting, but also standing, lying down or even walking.
Explore different methods and find what suits you.
We will get to as much detail of meditation as possible on this blog! Make sure to bookmark this blog or follow on Facebook.