Are you having trouble sleeping? Staring at a ceiling and not being able to sleep, knowing you’ll be sleepy at work during the day, is the worst feeling. Wouldn’t you like to wake up fresh and start the day with full energy?
These 6 soothing sounds will help you fall into sleep.


White Noise

White noise is like static sounds you hear on TV or radio.When you put it that way, it sounds like annoying sounds that’s opposite of relaxation.However, steady white noise actually helps you sleep.

Here’s how it works.
White noise blocks out other surrounding noise such as traffic sounds or sounds from your neighbor. This keeps you from getting distracted by those noise and helps you to focus on sleeping.

Other kinds of Spectrum Noise

There are more kinds of spectrum noise than just white noise.
There is pink noise, brown noise, green noise, etc. These colors are separated according to the distribution of frequencies

Now, not all of the spectrum noise is suitable for sleeping, but here are the ones that you might like when you sleep.


If you prefer low frequency sounds, pink or brown noise.

If you prefer high frequency sounds, blue or violet noise.


Nature Sounds.

Nature sounds are one of the most popular sounds to sleep to. There are all kinds of sounds such as sounds of forest, ocean, waterfall, rain, etc. Try out different sounds and find what you like.

Relaxation Music

Relaxation music is a great tool to help you sleep better. Turn on relaxation music before going to bed. While you are getting ready to sleep or maybe reading a book before going to sleep, relaxation music sets you up for sleep nice and slowly. Leave the music on as you drift off to sleep.

Mix of Nature Sounds and Relaxation Music

Nature sounds and relaxation music fit right in together. If you prefer music over just plain nature sound, why not mix them up?

Hypnotic Voice

Sleep hypnosis might help you sleep better. Calm and soothing human voice is also a great tool to help you sleep. It works like singing a lullaby to a baby.




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